A Steady Diet of Soda Pop and Ritalin…

In these days IMG_7296of evil presidentes we are all working for the clampdown.

We are taught to obey, consume, comply and breed. The public is pacified by new spinning rims, giant televisions and huge vehicles meant for passing over mountain tops though most have only seen a few puddles in the Starbucks’ parking lot. Meanwhile, we are fed the latest terrorist alert status: “We are on orange alert (whatever that means), but go ahead and take the kids to the mall this weekend.”

Corporate media compels you to obey, consume and comply. You are not obligated to do so but repetition is a tried and true method of instruction. If you hear/view a message enough times, you begin to accept it as true whether it is or not. This amounts to a private Ministry of Information that can set the national agenda.

The government and the media have the power to fix frames of reference and agendas, and to exclude inconvenient facts from public inspection. It is up to each of us to be critical; To always examine the source of our information and to seek out any agendas that may not be explicit.