Art Journal Swap

Pablo Art Journal
Pablo Art Journal

Trade Art Journals/Sketch Books with the Robot

So I have a book here; an artist journal and I need someone to help complete it. The 8×10 sketch book is about half filled with musings and research for the Anti-Robot Inundation Army Web site as well as drawings, prints and stamps. The content largely reflects the views found on the Anti-Robot Web site; so be warned.

The other half of the project? (Of course there is more to it.) This is an art journal swap. In exchange for this journal, please contact me about swapping a partially completed journal of your own. We’ll hang on to and add to these journals for three months then swap back.

Interested? Make contact via the Anti-Robot contact form. We’ll work out the details from there.

Presently there is only one journal available. If there is a greater response than expected (Which I really rather doubt; this is a pretty low-traffic Web site after all.)  I am working on a second art journal for this project. We’ll swap that one too.