Mail Art Call – Detournement

Anti-Corporate FlagDetournment:  turning expressions of the capitalist system and its media culture against itself —as when slogans and logos are turned against their advertisers or the political status quo.
…. a variation on previous work, in which the newly created work has a meaning that is antagonistic or antithetical to the original. The original media work that is détourned is somewhat familiar to the target audience, so that it can appreciate the opposition of the new message. 

Send the Robot  anti-corporate/anti-capitalist/anti-brand/anti-media (…. or whatever your are against) mail art.

This mail art call is open to all.

All submissions will be displayed here*. (Gallery coming as soon as we get some mail) 

All participants will receive an appropriately subversive linoleum block print from The Anti-Robot Inundation Army.

*No entry fee, no returns, all mail art will be exhibited except as noted: Racist, violent and
pornographic artworks will not be exhibited. Deadline: No deadline.