I Let A Robot Write A Post

Can a robot be a better journalist than a human? Not this robot. I let one of my robots write a post for the Anti-Robot Army blog. This is what I got. In some ways I am rather proud. Not so much with its narcissism, but with its pulling in some thoughts on capitalism.  So here …read in detail

And you Anti-Robot?

And you Anti-Robot? The tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving left-wing freak show. .. Wear it proudly.

Art Journal Swap

Trade Art Journals/Sketch Books with the Robot So I have a book here; an artist journal and I need someone to help complete it. The 8×10 sketch book is about half filled with musings and research for the Anti-Robot Inundation Army Web site as well as drawings, prints and stamps. The content largely reflects the …read in detail


The twentieth century’s technological advances are often described as victories over the primal facts of nature: hunger, cold, disease, distance and time. But the wiring of every individual into the warm embrace of the multinational entertainment oligopoly is a conquest of a different sort, the crowning triumph of the marketplace over humanity’s unruly consciousness. The …read in detail

It All Comes Back to the Sex Pistols

Greil Marcus, author of Mystery Train, widely acclaimed as the best book ever written about America as seen through its music, began work on this new book out of a fascination with the Sex Pistols: that scandalous antimusical group, invented in London in 1975 and dead within two years, which sparked the emergence of the …read in detail

Soul Riding

Or is it sole riding? Awhile back I was having a conversation my best friend and former teammate about the kind of riding one often does when they have hung up the racing wheels; long solo rides with no particular training purpose other than to just be on the bike. Not the kind of post …read in detail


Like cats? Like meows? Here’s an app that will waste about 30 seconds of your day. It tweets to the PabloArt tweet stream too. Meow! (You do not really have to like cats to enjoy the MeowBot. You do not really have to like anything… or maybe/perhaps like/share this page.)  

Data and Goliath

As I could not say this better myself, here is info on the latest recommended read from the Anti-Robot Inundation Army: Data and Goliath The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World A Book by Bruce Schneier You are under surveillance right now. Your cell phone provider tracks your location and knows …read in detail

Getting From Point “A” to ….

No one asks you to “set an intention” at the start of your ashtanga practice. The intention is set: Get from point “a” to the end point (that’s negotiable) by hitting points b, c, d, e, f, …. along the way. You reach each of these points in your own time at your pace and …read in detail

The Post Privacy Era

We move through the world in a shroud of personal digital records, from credit card transactions to parking tickets. Data surveillance is infiltrating our daily routines. We are defined by our data. We all live in the “datasphere”. The datasphere is composed of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, cell phones, voice mail, email, databases, SMS, blogs… …read in detail