Robot Approved Lotto Numbers

Robot generated,  Robot approved lottery numbers just for you: [insert_php] echo ""; echo ""; //echo ""; $x = 0; $numbers[0] = 0; while (count($numbers) < 6) { $randomn = rand(1, 49); while(in_array($randomn, $numbers)) { $randomn = rand(1, 49); // echo ""; } $numbers[$x] = $randomn; $x++; // echo "Number $x is: $randomn."; echo $randomn . … Continue reading Robot Approved Lotto Numbers

Mail Art Call – Detournement

Detournment:  turning expressions of the capitalist system and its media culture against itself —as when slogans and logos are turned against their advertisers or the political status quo. .... a variation on previous work, in which the newly created work has a meaning that is antagonistic or antithetical to the original. The original media work … Continue reading Mail Art Call – Detournement

EST, EDT, UTC, and the Robot

Just in case you were wondering, the Anti-Robot Inundation Army is headquartered in the US Eastern Time Zone - Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) [UTC-4 or UTC-5, e.g. either 4 or 5 hours behind prime meridian time]. ARIA is presently under the tyranny of the semi-annual switch between Daylight Savings Time (or in this zone Eastern … Continue reading EST, EDT, UTC, and the Robot