American workers are burned out and tired. There’s a solution: unions

The good news is, we know how to fix that malaise – because many, many people have been right there with you before

What your awful, rich, heartless bosses do not want under any circumstances is a well-organized and pissed off labor union in their companies. That would really screw them. That is something they cannot discard. That is something they are forced to deal with, by law. It is one of the only things that can actually make them stop treating their employees – you – like trash. Why, if you were to channel all of that angst and fury and cynicism that your job has instilled in you into organizing a union, well … that would make your boss very unhappy. They might even let out a long, painful sort of moan. It would be sad.

I do not blame anyone for feeling like you want to just say “the hell with it” to your crap job. It is the labor movement’s own fault that we have not educated all the soon-to-be-disappointed young people entering the working world on what unions are all about. But that can change. And you can be the one to change it. Organize. Don’t do it for the historical precedent, or the political imperative, or the economic gains. Do it to make your boss cry.

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