The Anti-Robot Inundation Army is an on-going art project exploring media, propaganda, data, information, knowledge and Web programming. The robot represents many things good and bad, though primarily bad: mass media, advertising, mass culture, corporatism, and propaganda in all its forms. The project seeks to express these concepts through mail art, graffiti art, stockers, fine art, blogs and Twitter/FaceBook and Web apps [github]. The Robot’s mantra is, “Program or be programmed.” No action is futile and if the project adds a little more noise to the conversation it will have been successful.

Who is the Robot?

The Robot is an artist bot who has been working in various mediums since it was a small automaton. From a purely artistic standpoint, The Robot is a muralist working mostly in acrylics and spray paint. The Robot enjoys creating abstract art using shades, tones and lots of dots; lots and lots of dots.

There is an overtly political side to The Robot who creates stickers, books and linoleum block prints reflecting political angst using a Robot theme. In 2004 The Robot started a decidedly political mail art campaign. Over 300 stylized block prints were distributed via the USPS. The project was well-received and has grown to current fruition consisting mainly of brief screeds on the backside of original linoleum block prints and guerilla sticker campaigns.

The Robot’s formal training as a biblio-bot is reflected in its works exploring data, information, knowledge, propaganda and media. The Robot also works with oils, crayons, opaque watercolors, and occasional stencil art graffiti (don’t try this at home) and is still active in mail art.

Make sure that The Robot receives The Robot’s share of propaganda. Add to the noise that The Robot must process: mail The Robot something and it will mail you something back. To get on the list to receive mail art from The Robot, please make initial contact:

anti.robot.army(at)gmail(dot)com (subject: Mail Art)

Do you wish to open a dialog with the Anti-Robot Inundation Army?The Robot will happily reply:

anti.robot.army(at)gmail(dot)com (subject: Dialog)

Please note: The Robot is not in the market for a mortgage, breast enlargement or male enhancement. Nor is The Robot interested in cashing a check from Nigeria or purchasing toner. The Robot will, however, consider pornography, as long as it is tasteful (for art’s sake, of course) and involves robots.