Real Freedom in America Can Only Be Won Through…

A long tradition in US thought has emphasized the importance of economic security for ensuring individual liberty. But to truly realize equal freedom for all, we need a socialist politics fighting for democratic control over the economy. There’s no doubt that individual freedom is fundamental to the American self-conception — as our national anthem has


Slander and Threats Won’t Stop the Protests Against Israel’s…

As the Israeli military uses ever more violence against Gaza’s civilian population, there have been massive demonstrations calling for a cease-fire. The protesters are taking a stand for basic human solidarity against the moral bankruptcy of Western leaders. On the last day of October, Israel bombed the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza City, demolishing


Israel’s Occupation Is the Obstacle to Peace

Permanent occupation by Israel and the subjugation of Palestinians in a land that is nearly half Palestinian will never bring stability and security. As Israel carpet bombs and levels a totally besieged Gaza, killing thousands of civilians, including more than three thousand children, Western media continues to use the “right of self-defense” mantra to shut


The UAW Now Has Tentative Deals With All Three…

After six weeks on strike, the UAW has secured tentative agreements with all of the Big Three automakers, including apparent wins on everything from pay and tiers to reopening an idled plant. The deals will soon go to the membership for a ratification vote. Forty-four days after occupying the General Motors plant in Flint, Michigan,

Abortion Rights

Conservatives Are Attacking Abortion Rights at the State Level

After overturning Roe v. Wade last year, conservatives are now chipping away at abortion access at the state level. At the helm is a dark money network led by right-wing activists, which has so far spent $18 million on opposing reproductive justice in Ohio. Conservative legal activist Leonard Leo’s dark money network has spent $18 million trying to

Corporate Greed

Cincinnati May Sell Its Public Railroad to the Company…

The Cincinnati Southern Railway is the last municipally owned interstate railroad in the US. Despite being a consistent moneymaker, the city may soon sell it to the private corporation responsible for the derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this year. The fate of the last municipally owned interstate railroad in the United States will be