The Economy Is Suffering From Too Little Government Intervention,…

From Tucker Carlson to Larry Summers, free market devotees are blaming inflation on Joe Biden’s “big government” economic policies. In reality, the administration has done far too little to insulate Americans from the economic effects of the pandemic. The inauguration decorations had barely been cleared from the West Lawn when the neoliberal industrial complex started


Facebook Is Now Meta. And It Wants to Monetize…

Mark Zuckerberg’s turn toward the “metaverse” claims to put an extra digital layer on top of the real world. But Facebook’s new Meta brand isn’t augmenting your reality — it just wants to suck more money out of it. On Thursday, Facebook changed its name to Meta, as part of a broader shift toward the


How America’s broken democracy led to our abortion crisis

The majority of Americans support legal abortion. Redistricting has allowed extremism to flourish without fear of repercussion America is at a crossroads when it comes to abortion. In 2021, state legislatures have passed an unprecedented 106 anti-abortion bills. State lawmakers in five states are preparing legislation similar to Texas’s SB 8, an effective total abortion