Corporate Greed

Hospitals Are Using the Nursing Shortage to Stiff Health…

Rather than materially address the underlying issues of the nursing shortage crisis, health care providers are exploiting it in order to further consolidate power at the top of industry hierarchies — and break the power of organized labor below. There’s no shortage of articles about our nationwide nursing shortage. Everywhere, foreboding headlines paint a dire

Corporate Greed

The Loudest Opponents of “Inflation” Are Some of Its…

Prescription drugs, hospital visits, housing, higher education, and more have all become frighteningly more expensive, far outpacing Americans’ wages. But those kinds of price increases are ignored by the politicians who are now stridently decrying inflation. A dollar or two or even a few dozen cents more for gas and consumer goods is nothing to


On Social Spending, the Question Isn’t “Can We Afford…

When conservatives claim that we can’t afford new social programs, what they really mean is that they think individuals and families should figure out how to handle the costs of necessary care on their own. On November 19, the House of Representatives passed the $2.2 trillion budget reconciliation bill, which includes a broad package of