It’s Time to Tax Billionaires

There are around 2,500 billionaires in the world right now, with a combined wealth of over £10 trillion. Just a fraction of that money is enough to, say, end global poverty, eradicate malaria and re-freeze the Arctic. Instead, a new report reveals billionaires are operating on the “border of legality” and getting away with paying the equivalent of 0


Palestinians Deserve Liberation Because They Are Human

New York state senator Julia Salazar writes in Jacobin that the only way to stop the horrific violence in Gaza and Palestine is clear: an immediate cease-fire and the end of Israel’s occupation. We do not need to wonder what the Israeli military’s next move will be. Israel’s government has made its intentions clear: as Israeli minister


Union Density Lowers the Income Share Going to the…

Strong unions can reduce inequality in society through various means. Most directly, through collective bargaining, they lift wages for union members and negotiate other employment benefits that stabilize incomes and secure household financial well-being for union members. Within workplaces, unionization also correlates with reduced wage disparities among workers. This is because wages are determined through

Corporate Greed

Cincinnati May Sell One of the US’s Last Publicly…

Please DO NOT let this happen. Elected officials in Cincinnati are considering a lucrative deal with rail executives that would sell one of the last publicly owned stretches of rail line in the US to Norfolk Southern, the company behind the disastrous train derailment in Ohio last winter. Next month, the company behind an Ohio


The Violence in Palestine and Israel Is the Tragic…

The tragic scenes unfolding in Palestine and Israel are a chilling reminder of the horrors that occupation creates — and the urgency of dismantling Israel’s blockades and apartheid system. In the early morning hours of Saturday, under a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza, dozens in the Palestinian militant group Hamas broke out of the