People are tired of being ignored while the rich…

The Vermont senator rose from the political margins to become hugely influential within the American left. As he prepares to speak at a London rally, he explains why unions on both sides of the Atlantic must reassert their power Both are unlikely political sensations who were long consigned to the fringes: Bernie Sanders, an octogenarian


Economists Say Life Is Going to Be More Expensive…

The price of essentials like rent and medical drugs will never come down to pre-pandemic inflation levels if corporate greed goes unchallenged. These days, it seems like everyone has a few important questions on their mind: Is the economy still in the gutter? Or are things getting better? Does inflation mean prices will stay high


Paul Sweezy Was One of the 20th Century’s Great…

The Marxist economist Paul Sweezy dedicated his life to understanding how capitalism works, and how it had changed since Karl Marx’s time. The big economic questions that Sweezy addressed are still fundamental for socialists today. Paul Sweezy was one of the most distinguished and most controversial Marxian economists of the twentieth century. Sweezy took up


Socialism Makes Summer Better

In capitalist America, millions of workers never get a vacation. But for the past century, bringing sunshine and leisure to the masses has been among the socialist movement’s greatest achievements. Many Americans not only have to work in person but also can’t get time off from their jobs. US employers are not required to provide


To Win a Political Revolution, We Need a New…

Since Bernie Sanders’s defeat in 2020 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US left has been largely disorganized. The time is ripe for Bernie and the Squad to create a new mass organization to confront today’s crises. t’s hard for leftists in the United States to find much to celebrate these days. After