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Efforts to ban books jumped four-fold in 2021

From NPR Book banning is not new — in the U.S. alone the practice goes back to Puritan times, when Thomas Morton’s book New English Caanan and others opposing this way of life were tossed from Massachusetts. But the American Library Association said Monday that this year there have been more challenges to books than they have seen since


Uber funds new lobbying group to deny rights for…

Flex seeks to defend gig companies’ business models amid push to pass laws that would defend workers’ right to unionize and strike Flex seeks to defend the business models of these companies, which use workers labeled as independent contractors, amid a renewed push in Washington to pass labor laws that would defend those workers’ right


US unions see unusually promising moment amid wave of…

Labor strategists hope wins will turn into a larger trend but acknowledge it won’t be easy as corporations fight fiercely against unionization The recent, much-publicized wave of union victories in the US at companies as varied as the giant coffee chain Starbucks, trendy outdoor outfitters REI and media group the New York Times is spurring hopes that


Burnout, a personal malady that indexes a broken labor…

From The Baffler The legendary sociologist C. Wright Mills proposed that the “sociological imagination”—an understanding of how our own experiences reflect broader social and historical forces—could help us link our seemingly private troubles to public issues. Burnout, a personal malady that indexes a broken labor system, is a prime candidate for such reimagining. The emergence


The real and far scarier reason Republicans think Biden…

The real – and far scarier – reason Republicans think Biden is illegitimate. Many conservatives don’t think the 2020 election was stolen. But they believe democracy itself has betrayed America, by allowing the ‘wrong’ people to take charge. From The Guardian Earlier this month, Team Trump claimed in court that their efforts to nullify Joe Biden’s victory


The Reactionary Prophet of Russian Ultranationalism

An interesting read for it’s insight into Bannon and the like. Most have probably never heard of Aleksandr Dugin or the global Traditionalist tendency to which he belongs. But the Russian thinker — and his analogues in Brazil, America, and beyond — have appeared to exercise real influence on the global right from a position