Rashida Tlaib Is Right About the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is an unelected super-legislature that is riven with bribery and corruption, in addition to justices’ extreme antimajoritarian views. Rashida Tlaib’s call for impeachment and reform is causing outrage, but she’s right. The United States, we’re often told, is the greatest democracy the world has ever seen. Everyone born here is a citizen,


Friedrich August von Hayek Was an Enemy of Freedom

Of all the enemies of democracy and freedom, Friedrich August von Hayek was probably the smartest. At least, he was the most influential: the structures of today’s global economy — the European Economic and Monetary Union, central banks, “balanced budget amendments” to national constitutions, and “free” trade agreements guaranteeing capital’s future profits — are essentially

Abortion Rights

Conservatives Are Attacking Abortion Rights at the State Level

After overturning Roe v. Wade last year, conservatives are now chipping away at abortion access at the state level. At the helm is a dark money network led by right-wing activists, which has so far spent $18 million on opposing reproductive justice in Ohio. Conservative legal activist Leonard Leo’s dark money network has spent $18 million trying to


Ohio Republicans accused of trying to mislead voters with…

Last week, the Ohio ballot board – led by the Republican secretary of state, Frank LaRose – approved the wording of Issue 1, a November ballot measure that will ask voters if the state constitution should guarantee a right to abortion, contraception, fertility treatment and miscarriage care. The new lawsuit accuses the ballot board’s Republican majority of