Most Americans have no idea how anti-worker the US…

The court’s current justices are some of the most hostile to labor rights in modern US history. Under Chief Justice John Roberts, the supreme court has been supremely pro-corporate – one study even called the Roberts court “the most pro-business court in history”. Not only have many justices been groomed and vetted by the business-backed Federalist Society, but Clarence Thomas and Samuel


Friedrich August von Hayek Was an Enemy of Freedom

Of all the enemies of democracy and freedom, Friedrich August von Hayek was probably the smartest. At least, he was the most influential: the structures of today’s global economy — the European Economic and Monetary Union, central banks, “balanced budget amendments” to national constitutions, and “free” trade agreements guaranteeing capital’s future profits — are essentially


U.S. Corporations Are Openly Trying to Destroy Core Public…

Trader Joe’s, SpaceX, and Meta are arguing in lawsuits that government agencies protecting workers and consumers—the NLRB and FTC—are “unconstitutional.” Trader Joe’s has become the second company in a month to sue the National Labor Relations Board for being “unconstitutional,” following the lead of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as both companies face board charges for firing employees. These two


No One Man Should Have All That Power

As “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk continues his campaign of censorship at Twitter, we’re getting an exhibition in the outsize power of billionaires to shape our politics. Nearly a year in, self-described “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter (or, sigh, X) is going exactly as you’d expect from a boss who has again and again shown he’s a


Extreme Wealth Concentration Has Turned America Into an Oligarchy

A new congressional report commissioned by Bernie Sanders finds that the 1 percent now own one-third of all wealth, while the bottom half of Americans hold only 2 percent. It’s another sign of the slide into oligarchy that Sanders has warned about for years. Last summer, Bernie Sanders’s YouTube channel released a short clip entitled simply “Oligarchy