Post-Anthropocene Humanism

What will become of human centrality as our species is knocked off its pedestal by machines more intelligent than we are and de-centered by the humbling realization that survival depends on reducing our outsized footprint on this fragile planet?  The vise of these two developments is prompting a rethinking of what humanism might mean in


Amazon wages secret war on Americans’ privacy Inc has amassed a vast amount of sensitive personal information on its customers. Internal documents reveal how a former aide to Joe Biden helped the tech giant build a lobbying juggernaut that has gutted legislation in two dozen states seeking to give consumers more control over their data. In recent years, Inc has


Zuckerberg’s Meta Endgame Is Monetizing All Human Behavior

Exploiting data to manipulate human behavior has always been Facebook’s business model. The metaverse will be no different. The announcement of Meta, the company’s VR and AR-forward rebrand, is the culmination of a vision that should have been obvious from the start. In 2021, Facebook’s colonization of social data has eclipsed the internet as we


Facebook Is Now Meta. And It Wants to Monetize…

Mark Zuckerberg’s turn toward the “metaverse” claims to put an extra digital layer on top of the real world. But Facebook’s new Meta brand isn’t augmenting your reality — it just wants to suck more money out of it. On Thursday, Facebook changed its name to Meta, as part of a broader shift toward the