The Border Patrol Has Vast, Largely Unchecked Powers That…

The Border Patrol has largely avoided the scrutiny that police have come under in recent years. That should change: the Border Patrol’s powers are increasingly authoritarian, with few legal checks, and expanding throughout the United States. Inspired by the violent culture of the Texas Rangers, the US Border Patrol was established in 1924 as a


Tennessee Republicans outlaw “divisive concepts” in the classroom

TENNESSEE’S SPRING LEGISLATIVE session featured a barrage of draconian bills—almost all of which passed. In the words of Democratic State Representative Gloria Johnson, “We have a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill worse than Florida’s” and “a vigilante abortion bill worse than Texas’. A bill that makes your friends and family $10k if they rat you out.” Add to that

Far Right

Efforts to ban books jumped four-fold in 2021

From NPR Book banning is not new — in the U.S. alone the practice goes back to Puritan times, when Thomas Morton’s book New English Caanan and others opposing this way of life were tossed from Massachusetts. But the American Library Association said Monday that this year there have been more challenges to books than they have seen since


The real and far scarier reason Republicans think Biden…

The real – and far scarier – reason Republicans think Biden is illegitimate. Many conservatives don’t think the 2020 election was stolen. But they believe democracy itself has betrayed America, by allowing the ‘wrong’ people to take charge. From The Guardian Earlier this month, Team Trump claimed in court that their efforts to nullify Joe Biden’s victory