American workers are burned out and tired. There’s a…

The good news is, we know how to fix that malaise – because many, many people have been right there with you before What your awful, rich, heartless bosses do not want under any circumstances is a well-organized and pissed off labor union in their companies. That would really screw them. That is something they


Americans’ support for labor unions at highest for nearly…

Gallup survey finds 71% of US residents approve of unions amid a wave of successful organizing efforts A new Gallup annual Work and Education survey found that Americans’ approval of labor unions is at its highest point in nearly 60 years. At 71%, residents of the US approve of unions at a higher rate than in 1965.


Why Capitalists Care About Our Record-Low Birth Rate

Our ruling class, like ruling classes throughout history, cares intensely about how many kids we have and how much it will cost them. If we continue to think of the establishment as a neutral arbiter, and the abortion fight as a squabble between ordinary people, we’ll miss what is really at stake. The ruling class


US sees union boom despite big companies’ aggressive opposition

Wins for Amazon and Starbucks workers shows labor movement surging after years of decline – but pushback has been fierce. After years of decline, the American labor movement is experiencing a resurgence, with an increase in popularity of unions and of workers organizing. But the corporate pushback in America has been fierce, and has come


Union workers receive far better pay and rights

Study shows unionized workers earn 10.2% more than non-union peers, amid wave of organizing at some of largest US employers Workers represented by labor unions earn 10.2% higher wages than their non-union peers, have better benefits and collectively raise wages industry-wide, according to a report released by the House and Senate committees on Friday and