Manifesto of the Anti-Robot Inundation Army:
(Revised October 2023)

For every canvas there is an artist. Are you sure someone has not selected your mind as a useful canvas?

There is no original thought; just data, signal and noise; repeated, recycled and reused; sometimes redacted; seldom reduced. Data only becomes information once it has been understood and transformed into a useful medium. Information without wisdom, content without context becomes noise. Information consumes attention and attention is a finite resource.

Noise and propaganda inundate our daily lives. Overwhelmed by ever sharper sound bites/bytes and smaller quanta of meaning we are lulled into a trance of apathy and inaction or worse; brainwashed into compliant consumption of cheap products and bad ideas.

In the eyes of the robot masters/media overlords we are the product and the fabricator is our mass culture. Compliance and consent can be manufactured. We can be sold anything, particularly fear. Social media, news and entertainment is bought by governments and corporations and used to promote government and corporate agendas without disclosure making all news, information, and entertainment suspect. To the robot masters we are a demographic, a statistic, a market share, a page view. We are potential buyers; voracious consumers. We are acquiescent voters, or worse, non-voters. The robot molds us into what corporations desire and governments require. The robot is the perfect drug with one intended side effect: COMPLIANCE.

Repetition is one of the surest forms of brainwashing and our government, multi-national corporations and media outlets are experts in repetition. If our government and media outlets repeat a fiction enough times, does it become fact?

The world is for sale and the real estate agencies are multi-national corporations and governments. Those with power and money buy the land, destroy the environment, export fear, terrorism and war, and control the media whereby they may program the masses into quiet submission.

The Anti-Robot Inundation Army (ARIA) believes that:

  • Every work of art is an opportunity to make the world a better place.
  • Change is the domain of us all.
  • Censorship causes brain damage.
  • Dissent is central to democracy.
  • Peace is patriotic.
  • There are alternatives to capitalism.
  • The guiding principle of the Public Relations industry is deceit.
  • Your government, corporations and media outlets are lying to you.
  • Language is not a transparent medium for representing reality but rather a cultural system that shapes our values and beliefs. Those who control the media control the language and thereby frame the terms of discourse and debate.
  • Propaganda and advertising drive the consumption of products and ideas.
  • The more you consume the less you live.
  • No action is futile.
  • Nostalgia leads us nowhere.
  • Pop culture is a distraction.
  • The culture wars are never meant to be won.
  • Graffiti is not a crime.
  • It is time to take back the public sphere.
  • If it is free, you are the product.