Help us add more noise to the conversation.

Anything constantly repeated becomes an object of inattention … WHITE NOISE
Just when attention drops to zero its power reaches its peak as a new program for the subconscious that turns the user into a ROBOT.

Interested in contributing content to a very low-traffic blog with very little editorial oversight? The Anti-Robot Inundation Army Web site receives almost 10 hits a month! Woot! Does anybody even read blogs and Web pages anymore?

Got something to say related to the scattered, left-leaning topics addressed here? Hit up the Robot: Let’s get you started sharing your own rants, observations, insights…

Who knows? Someone might stumble upon this Web site and be moved enough to respond… We’ll be designing a feedback page soon so you can see if anyone cares enough to leave a reply.

Want to do something a little more subversive? (and perhaps illegal?) Print any of the stickers from the campaign and stick ’em up everywhere. Your public library’s MakerSpace (if you are fortunate enough to have a library that hasn’t been censored out of existence) is an excellent place to print them.

Or you can send a few bucks (the QR is for $3.00) to cover postage and the Robot will happily send you stickers. Be sure to include a mailing address.