Robot Approved Lotto Numbers

Robot generated,  Robot approved lottery numbers just for you: [insert_php] echo ""; echo ""; //echo ""; $x = 0; $numbers[0] = 0; while (count($numbers) < 6) { $randomn = rand(1, 49); while(in_array($randomn, $numbers)) { $randomn = rand(1, 49); // echo ""; } $numbers[$x] = $randomn; $x++; // echo "Number $x is: $randomn."; echo $randomn . … Continue reading Robot Approved Lotto Numbers

EST, EDT, UTC, and the Robot

Just in case you were wondering, the Anti-Robot Inundation Army is headquartered in the US Eastern Time Zone - Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) [UTC-4 or UTC-5, e.g. either 4 or 5 hours behind prime meridian time]. ARIA is presently under the tyranny of the semi-annual switch between Daylight Savings Time (or in this zone Eastern … Continue reading EST, EDT, UTC, and the Robot

Collected and Selected Tweets of The Robot

Ours is the age of propaganda. In our civilized societies we are rich. Why then are the many poor? You know the secret of traditional robot cooking? Start with a good, high-quality oil... then eat it. Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. You're beginning to think that the TV is reality, and that … Continue reading Collected and Selected Tweets of The Robot