It’s Easy to Dramatically Cut Poverty. US Policymakers Just…

Children, the elderly, disabled people, and students continue to make up the vast majority of the US poor. We could easily slash poverty by increasing the generosity and reach of benefit programs for the nonworking population — but lawmakers refuse to do so. The Census released the Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey

Corporate Greed

Some Democrats Are Trying to Preemptively Outlaw a Billionaire…

Sensing its popularity, Obama’s former Supreme Court lawyer and a Louisiana Democrat are using an obscure corporate taxation case to try to make a federal wealth tax illegal before it even exists. The former Supreme Court lawyer for the Barack Obama administration and a Democratic senator-turned-lobbyist are pressuring justices to block Congress from ever instituting


No One Man Should Have All That Power

As “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk continues his campaign of censorship at Twitter, we’re getting an exhibition in the outsize power of billionaires to shape our politics. Nearly a year in, self-described “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter (or, sigh, X) is going exactly as you’d expect from a boss who has again and again shown he’s a


Wisconsin Republicans Are Reminding Us Once Again That They…

The Wisconsin GOP is at it again. With the party’s stranglehold on the State Supreme Court in peril following a judicial election last spring, Republicans are now seeking to impeach the new judge before the court can throw out the state’s rigged election maps. Few elections in recent US history have arguably been as consequential as the


Poverty increased in 2022 as wages fell and inflation…

A measure of poverty tracked by the Census Bureau rose in 2022, as COVID era benefits expired and average income fell, according to a Tuesday report. Why it matters: Child poverty saw a sharp increase in 2022 following a record low the year prior. Driving the news: While the official poverty rate (considered an outdated measure) didn’t see a significant change from 2021 to