The Mainstream Media Is Failing to Highlight the Climate…

Donald Trump has spent the past month openly courting fossil fuel money and mocking the very idea of climate change. This delusional and catastrophic posture has barely registered in the US news media. On November 14, the US Global Change Research Program released the Fifth National Climate Assessment, which found that the United States is already


This is Chilling

Donald Trump Has Serious Plans for the Mass Violation of Civil Rights. Donald Trump has announced disturbingly detailed plans for the mass arrest and detention of people suspected of being undocumented immigrants. With Joe Biden’s dismal poll numbers, there’s an uncomfortable chance Trump might be able to follow through. If you thought that facing felony


Rich People in the US Have Been Allowed to…

The next time you’re struggling to pay your rent or afford child care, think about this: the uberrich in the US are now paying top dollar to cut in line to get health care and hiring rotating casts of nannies so one is always at their beck and call. The 99 percent are suffering. With


We’re All Burning Ourselves Out to Keep Money Flowing…

Increased productivity has failed to translate into fair compensation, and we’re all working ourselves to death. Not having time to rest or think is not just terrible for human beings — it’s terrible for democracy. All Work, No Play In our market society, time spent outside work is often infiltrated by work-related concerns, upsetting what