We Can Reimagine Our Systems of Ownership and Control

The Left’s agenda has to include three basic commitments: democratize production, decommodify life’s essentials, and defend the public goods we all hold in common. To do that, we have to transform the very idea of ownership. Throughout the pandemic and the period of economic pain it brought, the news cycle has been gripped by a


‘The kids are just happier’: could California’s universal school…

Parents, teachers and anti-hunger advocates hail new free-meal system, saying it improves academic performance and wellbeing Before California became the first state to implement a universal meals program for its 6.2 million public school students, Alyssa Wells would keep granola bars in her classroom for students who complained of being hungry. When the new program began in


The Border Patrol Has Vast, Largely Unchecked Powers That…

The Border Patrol has largely avoided the scrutiny that police have come under in recent years. That should change: the Border Patrol’s powers are increasingly authoritarian, with few legal checks, and expanding throughout the United States. Inspired by the violent culture of the Texas Rangers, the US Border Patrol was established in 1924 as a


Republicans plan legal assault on climate disclosure rules for…

The SEC’s proposed new rules, which would require public corporations to disclose climate-related information, have been criticized by industry groups Republican officials and corporate lobby groups are teeing up a multi-pronged legal assault on the Biden administration’s effort to help investors hold public corporations accountable for their carbon emissions and other climate change risks. The


American workers are burned out and tired. There’s a…

The good news is, we know how to fix that malaise – because many, many people have been right there with you before What your awful, rich, heartless bosses do not want under any circumstances is a well-organized and pissed off labor union in their companies. That would really screw them. That is something they