The WTO, with its ‘market knows best’ ideology, has…

The World Trade Organization has encouraged agricultural monopolies and cheap labour, and created vulnerable supply chains When delegates arrive in Geneva today for the long delayed World Trade Organization (WTO) summit, they will find an institution in the middle of an existential crisis. For 18 long months, the WTO has been debating a moderate proposal from South


Electric Cars Won’t Save Us

The electric car will be an important part of a green transition. But our main focus should be moving toward green collective mobility like public transportation and away from the dominance of personally owned cars. Despite the commitment to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius set by the Paris Agreement, the latest assessment of


Union workers receive far better pay and rights

Study shows unionized workers earn 10.2% more than non-union peers, amid wave of organizing at some of largest US employers Workers represented by labor unions earn 10.2% higher wages than their non-union peers, have better benefits and collectively raise wages industry-wide, according to a report released by the House and Senate committees on Friday and


Abolish the Military-Entertainment Complex

For every one of the few anti-militarist screenplays that are made into films, far more are reflexively spiked because their defiant content raises objections from military leaders. The military quietly infiltrating a movie studio . . . the idea might seem like a fantastical plot from a film, but Top Gun: Maverick is a reminder that it’s


Capitalism Creates Chaos. The Carceral System Is a Bad…

Capitalism creates social disorder and relies on police and prisons to manage it. Until liberals recognize this link between criminal justice and the economy, their reform programs will be ineffectual — and racist policing and mass incarceration will persist. The racial composition of the American prison system is staggeringly unequal, with black people incarcerated at