Extreme Wealth Concentration Has Turned America Into an Oligarchy

A new congressional report commissioned by Bernie Sanders finds that the 1 percent now own one-third of all wealth, while the bottom half of Americans hold only 2 percent. It’s another sign of the slide into oligarchy that Sanders has warned about for years. Last summer, Bernie Sanders’s YouTube channel released a short clip entitled simply “Oligarchy


Inequality in Emissions: What Does the Data Show?

Put simply, the climate crisis is being caused by the richest class in every country. They’re the ones who are recklessly driving us over the precipice of planetary breakdown. An Oxfam analysis with the Stockholm Environment Institute found the following: The per capita emissions of someone in the top 1 percent is 100 times higher than someone


Why is trickle-down economics still with us?

This gonzo economic theory continues to live on, notwithstanding its repeated failures Within weeks of taking office, Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, and her chancellor of the exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, proposed a radical new set of economic measures that echoed the trickle-down policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan – heavy on tax cuts for


The most terrifying case of all is about to…

If the court upholds the rogue ‘Independent State Legislature’ theory, it would put the US squarely on the path to authoritarianism It is well-known that intense competition between democracy, authoritarianism and fascism is playing out across the globe in a variety of ways – including in the United States. This year’s US supreme court term, which started


We Can Reimagine Our Systems of Ownership and Control

The Left’s agenda has to include three basic commitments: democratize production, decommodify life’s essentials, and defend the public goods we all hold in common. To do that, we have to transform the very idea of ownership. Throughout the pandemic and the period of economic pain it brought, the news cycle has been gripped by a


‘The kids are just happier’: could California’s universal school…

Parents, teachers and anti-hunger advocates hail new free-meal system, saying it improves academic performance and wellbeing Before California became the first state to implement a universal meals program for its 6.2 million public school students, Alyssa Wells would keep granola bars in her classroom for students who complained of being hungry. When the new program began in