Welcome to a Brave New World of Price Gouging

Sellers have always had access to more information than buyers, and “dynamic pricing,” which harnesses the power of algorithms and big data, is supercharging this asymmetry. If you weren’t already convinced the future of capitalism will involve an endless optimization of extractive capacity and the ensuing enshitification of every last bit of consumer life, well, get ready


Ayn Rand Had a Fragile Ego, Incoherent Ideas, and…

Ayn Rand believed that the path to social harmony ran through the inferior masses’ acceptance of brutal rule by their natural superiors. Her perspective was wrong, and its implications were just as grim and nasty as her atrocious personality. Those of us familiar with Ayn Rand’s ardent pro-capitalism and renowned meanspiritedness may be disinclined to


New York’s first offshore wind hub to be built…

The agreement prioritizes hiring locally for union construction jobs to build a ‘linchpin’ of the Biden administration’s offshore wind ambitions. Labor groups inked a first-of-its-kind deal to support local hiring and union jobs with the developer of New York’s first offshore wind port. It’s an agreement for the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, envisioned as a

Dreams of the Rich

Get These Rich People Off the Moon

Texas start-up Intuitive Machines has achieved the first moon landing by a private firm. It’s dumping rich people’s detritus on the lunar surface — a grim sign of how the superrich plan to plant their flag beyond our own planet. After many failed attempts by various private outfits, Intuitive Machines is the first private company


U.S. Corporations Are Openly Trying to Destroy Core Public…

Trader Joe’s, SpaceX, and Meta are arguing in lawsuits that government agencies protecting workers and consumers—the NLRB and FTC—are “unconstitutional.” Trader Joe’s has become the second company in a month to sue the National Labor Relations Board for being “unconstitutional,” following the lead of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as both companies face board charges for firing employees. These two

Dreams of the Rich

The Rich Want Their Own Cities

From Honduras to California, the dreams of the rich are reshaping urban spaces into exclusive private domains. The future of our cities must not be ceded to elites striving to construct walled utopias. In California, a group of tech and finance people are working on a secretive project to build a city in Solano County, near San