The Reactionary Prophet of Russian Ultranationalism

An interesting read for it’s insight into Bannon and the like. Most have probably never heard of Aleksandr Dugin or the global Traditionalist tendency to which he belongs. But the Russian thinker — and his analogues in Brazil, America, and beyond — have appeared to exercise real influence on the global right from a position


International Women’s Day Belongs to Women

Capitalists keep trying to co-opt International Women’s Day, a century-old product of the working-class revolutionary movement. But the day belongs to the socialist antiwar tradition. This year’s proud supporters of International Women’s Day (IWD) include such ghoulish merchants of slaughter as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. But while those profiteers of death help fuel war in


Socialists Fight for a Future Without War

War is nothing but organized killing, and there can be no justification for it. Today we must do what we can to support Ukrainian refugees and to show our solidarity with the brave protesters across Russia who insist that war is not carried out in their name. There is no force more destructive in human


The Fed is about to raise interest rates and…

Policymakers fear a labor shortage is pushing up wages and prices. Wrong. Real wages are down and workers are struggling The January jobs report from the US labor department is heightening fears that a so-called “tight” labor market is fueling inflation, and therefore the Fed must put on the brakes by raising interest rates. This