Today’s Evangelicalism Was Forged in the Fight Against Communism…

Outside observers and critics confronted white evangelical support for Donald Trump — not exactly a Christian-family-values figure — as a puzzle to be solved. But while many saw hypocrisy, historian Kristin Kobes Du Mez identified a number of continuities. In her book Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation,


One of Facebook’s Earliest Investors Says People Have Lost…

Facebook has lost people’s trust “for good reasons” and isn’t responding well to whistle-blower claims that the social-media giant prioritizes profit over user safety, according to one of its earliest investors, Reid Hoffman. Bloomberg:“I’m disappointed,” Hoffman said Wednesday in an interview. Facebook should have been more proactive in response to troubling signs revealed in its own research,


Stop Facebook. Protcect Your Data

A coalition of nonprofits on Wednesday debuted, a fresh push to encourage greater government regulation of the social networking giant aimed at forcing the company to change its business model. From a report:The campaign hopes to take the outrage expressed by legislators over the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen and translate it into action. The campaign

American lawn

Green Lawns are Terrible

Green lawns are terrible for the environment. They are also embarrasingly old fashionand and out of style. Decades of television and popular culturehave cemwntedin our brains a certain image of the American dream: house in the suburbs, white picket fence, two-car garage, glossy green lawn. Our conceptions of gardening and lawn careareoutdated and are effectively