Rage against the robot! The robot is raging against you.

The hallmark of the global media system is relentless, ubiquitous commercialism resulting in a fixation on goods and their acquisition. Corporate media, seeking advertising and the government/corporations, seeking control, decide what programming is to be offered and the people must choose among these.

The American people are exposed to over 1600 advertisements a day. Media conglomerates alter news and entertainment programming transforming communication into propaganda for profit. True to the definition of propaganda, the people do not realize that they are being reprogrammed into compliant consumers. Suitably hypnotized, the public offers little objection to non-news broadcast on news programs. Corporate media and government propaganda are one in the same.

The robot is programming the public to buy, buy, buy; be it the latest government/corporate lie or this year’s “must have” consumer good. Right, Left or Center: Everyone has something to sell. We, the people, however, do not have to buy it.