Here’s a way to start a new life:  This Black Friday, resist the itch to buy some dumb thing just for the novelty of it, the fleeting illusion of control. The urge to buy isn’t actually coming from inside you. It’s code laid down by every ad, email, commercial and celebrity you’ve ever encountered. Our minds are corrupted from a lifetime of lies designed to hollow us out and pluck our deepest insecurities. We’re left in a lethargic funk, clinging to a brittle hope that can be shattered by a single piece of bad news. It’s time to break free of that whole fucking deal. This Friday, keep the credit card holstered. Keep your cash in your jeans. Don’t buy. Just breathe. Step outside. Feel the pulse of the planet — the earth beneath your feet, the sun on your face. Listen to the wind. Watch a bird fly by. Give five bucks to a homeless person. Have a heart-to-heart chat with a friend. Focus on what matters and watch as the everyday gray slowly returns to the colors of real life. Black Friday is the perverse ritual of a failing civilization. Let’s move on.