This is Chilling

Donald Trump Has Serious Plans for the Mass Violation of Civil Rights. Donald Trump has announced disturbingly detailed plans for the mass arrest and detention of people suspected of being undocumented immigrants. With Joe Biden’s dismal poll numbers, there’s an uncomfortable chance Trump might be able to follow through. If you thought that facing felony


We’re All Burning Ourselves Out to Keep Money Flowing…

Increased productivity has failed to translate into fair compensation, and we’re all working ourselves to death. Not having time to rest or think is not just terrible for human beings — it’s terrible for democracy. All Work, No Play In our market society, time spent outside work is often infiltrated by work-related concerns, upsetting what


Wisconsin Republicans Are Reminding Us Once Again That They…

The Wisconsin GOP is at it again. With the party’s stranglehold on the State Supreme Court in peril following a judicial election last spring, Republicans are now seeking to impeach the new judge before the court can throw out the state’s rigged election maps. Few elections in recent US history have arguably been as consequential as the


Ohio Republicans accused of trying to mislead voters with…

Last week, the Ohio ballot board – led by the Republican secretary of state, Frank LaRose – approved the wording of Issue 1, a November ballot measure that will ask voters if the state constitution should guarantee a right to abortion, contraception, fertility treatment and miscarriage care. The new lawsuit accuses the ballot board’s Republican majority of


It absolutely is minority rule

The election that could determine the future of democracy in Ohio An under-the-radar election in Ohio on Tuesday has quietly emerged as one of the most high-stakes stress tests for American democracy in recent years. The question Ohio voters will decide on 8 August is simple: how easy should it be to amend the state constitution? Like 17 other


The bucket list for involved citizens: 76 things you…

While by no means comprehensive, the “Democracy 76” list below provides specific and practical actions that we all can take to be an involved citizen. The list is broken into five actions that are essential components for engagement. It is expressly free from politics and partisanship and should be undertaken by all Americans—regardless of political