What Just Happened in France Is Astounding

The far right was at the gates of power. In the initial round of voting on June 30, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally came first with 33 percent support, topping more than half the local races. With the party projected to fall just short of an absolute majority, France was in a frenzy of speculation and anxiety. National


A Magna Carta for Local Governments

How do cities assert their rights and defend local democracy from rising authoritarianism? How do they master their own destinies in the face of digital transformation and overwhelming power? And how might they solve planetary problems that threaten their lives and homes?  Over the past two generations, such big questions have fallen increasingly to small, local governments.

Abortion Rights

Abortion Advocates Should Turn to Direct Democracy

Citizen-driven ballot initiatives are a powerful tool in the fight against abortion bans like the one threatening Arizona. State governments can’t be trusted to execute the popular will. We’ll have to do it ourselves. From Jacobin The AAA initiative is an example of a citizen-driven ballot initiative, a method by which ordinary citizens choose an important


A Warning About Donald Trump and 2024

From NYT Opinion Jan. 6, 2024. Reposted here due to paywall By The Editorial Board At the outset of this election year, with Donald Trump leading the race to be the Republican presidential nominee, Americans should pause to consider what a second Trump term would mean for our country and the world and to weigh the


This is Chilling

Donald Trump Has Serious Plans for the Mass Violation of Civil Rights. Donald Trump has announced disturbingly detailed plans for the mass arrest and detention of people suspected of being undocumented immigrants. With Joe Biden’s dismal poll numbers, there’s an uncomfortable chance Trump might be able to follow through. If you thought that facing felony


We’re All Burning Ourselves Out to Keep Money Flowing…

Increased productivity has failed to translate into fair compensation, and we’re all working ourselves to death. Not having time to rest or think is not just terrible for human beings — it’s terrible for democracy. All Work, No Play In our market society, time spent outside work is often infiltrated by work-related concerns, upsetting what